Hank's Homemade Toffee & Treats
We make it, because we love it!


!!! HOLIDAY SEASON 2010 !!!

Due to the busyness of the season, we will not be taking open orders this year. We will post product in inventory as it’s available. Only when a product is in inventory will it be available to add to your cart. Please follow us on twitter.com or facebook to get information when product is added to inventory.

Organic and Fair Trade Treats

When we started making toffee and treats, our goal was simple, just to make a toffee we would love. Little did we know that one day you would be eating it as well! Why Organic and Fair Trade? We believe that the only guilt you should feel when eating Hank’s Homemade is about the calories!

We use only the finest organic ingredients and our chocolate, both dark and milk, is Fair Trade Certified. Our packaging not only looks great with our toffee in it, but can be re-used or if you must, recycled. Our toffee is available in 1/2 lbs increments in dark or milk chocolate.

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