Hank's Homemade Toffee & Treats
We make it, because we love it!


Don Blackburn

I must say that it is simply the best I have ever had. Although I had mostly positive experiences from opening your can of toffee there were a few negative ones that I thought you’d like to be aware of.

  1. 1.An extreme loss of self control. After just one sampling of your product I felt my taste buds scream “MORE we must have MORE!!!”, Up until this time I do not recall ever hearing my taste buds saying much of anything.
  2. 2.Defective jar – Although your jar is attractive and with the see through lid you can see that the jar is filled with the delicious toffee, once the lid was opened it seems to empty very quickly.
  3. 3.Thieves – This is one of the negatives I found quite distressing. To get just a little of this incredibly wonderful tasting toffee, model citizens of the community turn into thieves.

These were my only complaints however I’m not sure what can be done to remedy the problem.

Andy York

My wife and I were recently given a piece of your toffee. It was delicious!!!

Anyway, good job on the product and packaging.

John Secunda

Patti and I opened a container of toffee with great anticipation and, after one taste, we agreed that there’s toffee and then there’s “Hank Homemade” Toffee!

Michelle Baccus

I grew up on See’s Molasses Chips which I absolutely loved but Hank’s Homemade totally trumps them.

Jody C

A daughter of a friend of ours gave us a can last Christmas and we absolutely loved your toffee…In fact, we considered it dangerous and saved each piece for our special treat in the evenings! Then, our daughter came to visit and finished it off. Our hearts sank as we watched her take the last of it and say…”Wow! That’s the best toffee I ever had!” We about cried. So….This will be a Valentine’s surprise for my husband…And yes, I will send some to my daughter, too.